One of Two Stories, Or Both (Field Bagatelles) (Exhibition)
Radio drama and sound installation takes you on a journey through the 17th century

Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Market Buildings, 13 Thomas St,
Manchester M4 1EU (exhibition)

This newly commissioned radio composition and gallery
sound installation takes visitors and listeners on a
journey inspired by the myths and legendary tales of
17th century Chinese travellers who made their way to
Europe on foot.
Through oral histories, sound, song and poetry, this
multi-layered piece by sound artist and composer
Samson Young asks: how are journeys remembered and
The work begins with a five-part radio series (Friday 30
June – Tuesday 4 July, 6.30pm) performed live at the
Old Granada Studios, Manchester, by a cast of actors, artists and musicians, which can
be heard throughout Manchester on FM and across the world on computers, tablets
and phones. A small number of tickets will be available for audiences to observe the live
broadcast of each episode (see below for ticket details).
Following the radio series, there will be a multichannel sound and visual installation at the
Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (7 July – 29 October, free entry, no ticket required), bringing
another intriguing perspective to these stories. Commissioned by Manchester International
Festival, CFCCA, Edouard Malingue Gallery, University of Salford Art Collection, and West
Kowloon Cultural District.



Jul 07 2017 - Oct 29 2017




Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art
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