Combined Youth Orchestra
Chinese and western instruments combine in concerts by the Music for our Young Foundation

China Exchange, 32A Gerrard Street, London W1D 6JA, Tuesday 11 July 2017, 1pm
St John’s Smith Square, London SW1P 3HA, Thursday 13 July, 7.30pm

The Combined Youth Orchestra of the Music for Our Young Foundation (MOY) is made up
of half Western instruments and half Chinese instruments, including erhu, pipa and ruan.
The St John’s Smith Square programme will include classical and contemporary full-scale
orchestral compositions and folk songs, while the 45-minute lunchtime chamber concert
at the China Exchange will feature intimate dialogues between Chinese and Western

The MOY is a charitable organisation set up in 2009 to provide music training for
underprivileged young people in Hong Kong. The orchestra instils in young people the
virtues of hard work and perseverance through music training.


Jul 13 2017




Music for Our Young Foundation
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