Beyond the Senses – Atmospheric Music Theatre by Law Wing-fai
Renowned Kunju opera artist Kong Aiping’s re-interprets classical Chinese poetry – part of the Hong Kong Music Series

Shaw Theatre, 100-110 Euston Road, London NW1 2AJ, 7.30pm

Hong Kong’s leading composer Law Wing-fai combines the natural timbres of Chinese
musical instruments with theatre, poetry, song, dance and visual elements to cultivate a
mood for reflection and an exploration of Chinese aesthetics.
Set against a serene garden, the main character Ru Yu recites and sings about the scenery
around her. Eventually she realises that what she sees and hears are illusory, and slowly
comes to achieve enlightenment and transcendence. On the stage, amidst the light strums
of the pipa and voice, everything enters into a realm of meditation and contemplation.
The show also features singing, recitation and dance by the renowned Kunju artist Kong
Aiping, winner of the Excellence in the Promotion of Kunju Opera Award co-presented by
UNESCO and the Ministry of Culture of China. Although rooted in Chinese opera, in this
production Kong is breaking new ground in her interpretation of classical Chinese poetry.



Jul 15 2017




Hong Kong Arts Development Council
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